EPSON photopaper Ultra glossy 10x15 20sh
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EPSON photopaper Ultra glossy 10x15 20sh

EPSON photopaper Ultra glossy 10x15 20sh

EPSON photopaper Ultra glossy 10x15 20sh

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Gegevens over de EPSON photopaper Ultra glossy 10x15 20sh

Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper - 10x15cm - 20 Vellen. Type finish: Glans, Media gewicht: 300 g/m�, Vellen per pak: 20 vel. Aantal per verpakking: 1 stuk(s), Breedte verpakking: 105 mm, Diepte verpakking: 155 mm. Aantal per pallet: 3000 stuk(s), Hoeveelheid per laag: 600 stuk(s), Hoeveelheid per omdoos: 20 stuk(s). Breedte: 100 mm, Hoogte: 150 mm. Land van herkomst: Japan

Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper - 10x15cm - 20 Vellen Specificaties.

300 g/m²
20 vel
- Expression Premium XP-900\n- Expression Premium XP-830\n- Expression Premium XP-820\n- Expression Premium XP-810\n- Expression Premium XP-720\n- Expression Premium XP-710\n- Expression Premium XP-645\n- Expression Premium XP-640\n- Expression Premium XP-635\n- Expression Premium XP-630\n- Expression Premium XP-625\n- Expression Premium XP-620\n- Expression Premium XP-615\n- Expression Premium XP-610\n- Expression Premium XP-6005\n- Expression Premium XP-6000\n- Expression Premium XP-540\n- Expression Premium XP-530\n- Expression Premium XP-520\n- Expression Premium XP-510\n- Expression Photo XP-960\n- Expression Photo XP-950\n- Expression Photo XP-860\n- Expression Photo XP-850\n- Expression Photo XP-760\n- Expression Photo XP-750\n- Expression Photo XP-55\n- Expression Photo HD XP-15000\n- Expression Home XP-455\n- Expression Home XP-452\n- Expression Home XP-445\n- Expression Home XP-442\n- Expression Home XP-435\n- Expression Home XP-432\n- Expression Home XP-425\n- Expression Home XP-422\n- Expression Home XP-415\n- Expression Home XP-412\n- Expression Home XP-355\n- Expression Home XP-352\n- Expression Home XP-345\n- Expression Home XP-342\n- Expression Home XP-335\n- Expression Home XP-332\n- Expression Home XP-325\n- Expression Home XP-322\n- Expression Home XP-315\n- Expression Home XP-312\n- Expression Home XP-257\n- Expression Home XP-255\n- Expression Home XP-247\n- Expression Home XP-245\n- Expression Home XP-235\n- Expression Home XP-225\n- Expression Home XP-215\n- Expression Home XP-212\n- Epson Stylus Photo 2100\n- Epson Stylus Photo 1500W\n- Epson Stylus Photo 1400\n- Epson Expression Premium XP-800\n- Epson Expression Premium XP-700\n- Epson Expression Premium XP-605\n- Epson Expression Premium XP-600\n- Epson Expression Home XP-405WH\n- Epson Expression Home XP-405\n- Epson Expression Home XP-305\n- Epson Expression Home XP-30\n- Epson Expression Home XP-205\n- Epson Expression Home XP-202\n- Epson Expression Home XP-102\n- EcoTank ET-7750\n- EcoTank ET-7700\n- EcoTank ET-4750\n- EcoTank ET-3750\n- EcoTank ET-3700\n- EcoTank ET-2750\n- EcoTank ET-2711\n- EcoTank ET-2710\n- EcoTank ET-2700
1 stuk(s)
105 mm
155 mm
10 mm
150 g
Logistieke gegevens
3000 stuk(s)
600 stuk(s)
20 stuk(s)
20 stuk(s)
Gewicht en omvang
100 mm
150 mm
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Waarom kiezen voor een Ultra Glossy Photo Paper - 10x15cm - 20 Vellen.

Elevate your photos

Delight the senses with our Ultra Glossy Photo Paper. This refined paper is designed to give your photos a professional look and feel thanks to its impressive 300gsm weight. With one simple investment, you can elevate your photos to a professional level of quality.

Cherish your photos for years to come

Photos may capture a fleeting moment, but rest assured that these papers are designed and tested to offer a long-lasting solution when combined with our printers and inks.

The best partnership

Get fast-drying, smudge and water-resistant photos with vivid colours, beautiful tones and incredible detail when you combine Epson's papers and inks. This paper has been specially developed to work with Epson's range of inks and printers to deliver the best possible quality. That means everything will be as you remember with natural colours, smooth gradations, realistic skin tones and more.

Great for every printer

Our papers produce superb results with other manufacturers' printers and inks so everyone can take advantage of Epson's expertise.

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Over Epson

Seiko Epson Corporation, beter bekend als Epson, is een Japans technologiebedrijf dat een van de grootste printers-makers is. Epson maakt onder andere inkjet-, matrix-, laserprinters, scanners en computers. Het hoofdkantoor staat in Suwa, vlak bij Nagano. Seiko Epson is een van de drie bedrijven van de Seiko Group.